School bus journey: a frightening experience

KATHMANDU: I am Prashannata Sedhai, a ninth grader student at the Trinity Co-ed in Sallaghari, Bansbari. I live in Golphutar. My school is around two km away from my home. I go to my school on the school bus. But, the bus journey of around 15 minutes is not so joyful.

I think my school bus driver is not well-trained and experienced.

My school driver has never told us when we should take off the bus and how should we take safety measures during the journey. He starts the vehicle without ensuring that we all students are well-seated. I sometimes feel that he is in a great hurry, so he accelerates speed of the bus.

When the driver stops our bus, we sometimes feel a sudden jerk, which will be too much frightening. Even, some younger students may get injured and that will stop them from attending classes for days.

This is not only my problem. I think many drivers of many school buses are similar to the one. They need to be well-trained and cautious enough to take care of their bus occupiers, we small students. They should drive in limit.

Likewise, parents and guardians of the students should also be conscious not to harm their children in any of the road accidents and take care of them accordingly.