Seasonal patients up in Dhading

Dhading, November 15

With the onset of winter season, the number of seasonal viral patients have increased in Dhading District Hospital and other health facilities in the district.

As many as 150 to 200 patients suffering from common cold and viral fever, among other maladies have been visiting the district hospital for treatment on a daily basis. Earlier, around 40 to 50 patients used to reach the hospital for treatment daily.

Dr Shiva Rana at the District Hospital said children and elderly citizens had been badly affected by seasonal diseases. He said four to five patients of a family had reached the health facility.

Health workers said seasonal patients had increased due to polluted water, environmental degradation and weather change.

Meanwhile, District Health Office has directed every health posts to be well-equipped with medicines round-the-clock to provide health service to patients in the village.

Information officer Krishnalal Uprety of the district hospital said seasonal patients had increased in health posts, health centres, private hospitals and clinics.