Sneha's Care, an animal welfare organisation, is busy these days taking care of injured street dogs amidst Covid-19 lockdown, in Kathmandu Valley.

Notwithstanding their busy schedule feeding the hungry community of stray animals, calls keep flowing requesting their help for medical intervention for street animals that come across road accidents and first aid care.

The mobile treatment team of the organisation races across Kathmandu valley to handle hit and run cases, skin diseases, tumours, and other injuries and diseases throughout the day.

Most of the cases are treated on-site with regular follow up and if needed some serious cases are taken to their Shelter which has a treatment facility for long-term treatment, informed Sneha Shrestha, founder of Sneha's Care.

The organisation, currently supported by Dogs Trusts Worldwide for treatment and rescue of street dogs, comes across an average of 12 medical cases and receives more than 30 calls and message from the community every day, added Shrestha.

Sneha's Care is one the largest animal welfare organisations working on dog welfare and its population management and is also running the largest dog shelter where more than 200 street dogs have found a new home.

At the same time every week, they facilitate around 10-15 dogs for getting a good and happy home/community.