Social networking sites flooded with messages of support

Kathmandu, January 9

Social networking sites — Twitter and Facebook — are flooded with tweets and status in support of Dr Govinda KC, who was arrested yesterday on the charge of contempt of court.

Dr KC, a senior orthopaedic surgeon at the Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital, was arrested  for allegedly making contemptuous remarks against the chief justice of the Supreme Court.

Social media users also questioned the impartiality of judiciary over some controversial verdicts and criticised its order to arrest and produce Dr KC before the apex court.

Senior leader of CPN-Maoist Centre Narayan Kaji Shrestha said,  “To make contempt of court a weapon against a satyagrahi (peaceful protester) is extremely wrong and I reiterate that the court is not the God. This is the result of keeping the court as it was at the time of state restructuring. All concerned people should understand it,” he said.

Former prime minister and coordinator of Naya Shakti Party-Nepal Baburam Bhattarai wrote on Twitter, “The law on contempt of court is also called ‘Dog’s law’ my Lord! Issue verdict on Dr KC’s case after reading a sensational article of former justice of Supreme Court of India, my Lord!”

Nepali Congress Youth leader Dhan Raj Gurung said he had not heard of overnight arrest of any person in a contempt of court charge in the past. “I wonder what kind of contempt has Dr KC’s done through his remarks? What necessitated his overnight arrest without even giving a prior notice to the government?” he asked.

CPN-UML leader Pradeep Gyawali said discussion could be held over Dr KC’s demands and the way he staged protest. “But the way the court behaved/and has been behaving with him can not be considered right. The court’s dignity will not shine, if it is found passing biased verdicts.”

CPN-UML leader Ram Kumari Jhakri said the court’s reputation had been tarnished through its verdicts on cases relating to NCell capital gains tax, release of Chudamani Sharma and Gopal Khadka,  IGP case and dozens of other cases, including Dr Shashi Sharma’s appointment as IoM dean.

Columnist Jhalak Subedi writes, “I am a supporter of Dr KC’s campaign to improve medical education. Dr KC’s arrest for his remarks against the court verdict is not justifiable. Dr KC’s statement about his arrest has diverted his case. Frustrated!”