Statute-drafting panel idling away time

KATHMANDU: The Constitutional Committee, which is entrusted with drafting the new constitution, has remained jobless these days even as a little over three months is left to adopt the new constitution.

The Constitutional Committee's meeting has been deferred indefinitely after it failed to get any business to discuss any of the 10 thematic reports still being studied by a 15-member team led by CPN-UML CA member Agni Kharel. The constitution drafting panel remained jobless as the parties could not make any breakthrough on key issues of the constitution, including the forms of governance and state restructuring, as yet.

Constitutional Committee chairman Nilambar Acharya said that it would be difficult for the committee to begin its work until it obtained reports of all the remaining 10 thematic committees. He said that the parties should forge consensus on key issues if the new constitution is to be adopted on time.

According to the CA work schedule, the Constitutional Committee has to prepare the first draft of the new constitution by March 5. But it is highly unlikely that it would be able to do so by then. The Constitutional Committee has received report of the CA Committee on Natural Resources, Economic Rights and Distribution of Revenues. Acharya said that it was meaningless to discuss the only report availed so far.