Students to protest fee hike in private schools

Kathmandu, April 24

The joint students’ organisations have announced protest programmes against the fee hike at private schools.

The meeting of the organisations held at the office of All Nepal National Free Students’ Unions today made public the decision to resort to protests such as picketing and padlocking the District Education Offices, said ANNFSU Chairperson Nabina Lama.

She added that they were compelled to launch protest because the government was ignoring the fee hike at private schools, which has hit parents very hard.

“We had given three days’ deadline for the government to lift the fee hike decision, but in vain,” she said.

All District Education Offices would be picketed across the country on Wednesday, while the account and administrative sections of private schools will be padlocked on Thursday and the organisations of private schools in the central and district levels will be padlocked on Friday.