KATHMANDU: National Disaster Management, Monitoring and Directive Special Committee of the Parliament on Sunday issued a directive to the government telling it to punish officers of Gorkha district responsible for distributing inedible and sub-standard food and drinks to earthquake victims. The Parliamentary panel also told the government to inform it about the kind of action it has taken against guilty officers within seven days. The panel also sought information from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on whether any punitive action could be taken against World Food Programme for distributing sub-standard food in Gorkha district or whether it enjoyed any immunity from legal action. The panel told the government to strengthen the capacity of Department of Food Technology and Quality Control across the country to enable them to check the quality of food and beverages in warehouses in the future. Responding to criticism that the government has not been able to provide Rs 15,000 to many families that had been victimised by the quake to buy corrugated zinc sheets in various districts, the panel urged the government to provide district-wise details of such payments and reasons for failure to provide Rs 15,000 to each quake affected family within three days.