Teku locals disrupt waste collection

KATHMANDU: A few locals of Teku area obstructed garbage collection for about three hours this morning. Aletar residents in Nuwakot district had blocked garbage disposal till about noon yesterday.

The garbage collected from the city is dumped in Teku before it is taken to the landfill site. The locals obstructed the task complaining of the stinking refuse, said Dr Sumitra

Amatya, General Manager, Solid Waste Management and Resource Mobilisation Centre. “They, however, allowed the sanitation squad to lift the garbage later,” she added.

“Only about 36 trucks ferried the garbage for disposal today, against

the daily average of 80,” said Amatya. After eight days of disruption, 40 truckloads of garbage was disposed of yesterday.

Valley streets are yet to be cleared of the stinking garbage heaps. It will take another three days to clear the garbage, said a Kathmandu Metropolitan City official.

Meanwhile, security personnel dispersed a team of Aletar locals who were trying to disrupt the disposal this morning. Amatya said anybody barring the trucks from reaching the landfill site will be brought to book.