Thimi city bars new houses on land plots

BHAKTAPUR: The Madhyapur Thimi Municipality has stopped approving designs to construct houses on the land plots breaching the Municipality's set standards.

The move follows complaints that hundreds of ropanis of land have been divided in the Municipality area without permission from the authority beforehand. The respective Municipality is required to be asked for permission to divide any land of the area into plots to construct houses.

"The trend of 'plotting' in the area of the Municipality without any prior permission is increasing. Therefore, we have stopped approving house construction maps in such areas,” said Executive Officer at the Municipality Bhupendra Sapkota.

He said that their repeated calls to concerned authorities to meet the criteria before stepping into such works have not been heard.

The Municipality said that land plotting has taken place illegally in Nil Barahi, Bode, Lokanthali, surrounding areas of the Department of Education and Educational Resource and Development Centre and Araniko Highway and either sides of the road from Old Thimi to Bhaktapur.