Thyroid cases on the rise

Kathmandu, May 25

The number of children suffering from thyroid has increased in the country of late.

According to Kanti Children’s Hospital, nearly three to five children visit the hospital for treatment of the disease every day.

Dr Subhana Thapa, thyroid specialist at Kanti Children’s Hospital, said one in 3,000 new-born faces thyroid problem in the country. She said, “Due to increasing awareness among parents, children suffering from thyroid are getting timely treatment.”

Children with symptoms of constipation, weight loss, jaundice, dental eruption and Down syndrome visit the hospital.  “People of any age can suffer from thyroid,” said Dr Dina Shrestha, thyroid specialist at Norvic Hospital.  “In comparison to males, females have high chances of suffering from thyroid. Women between 18 and 24 years of age mainly suffer from hyper thyroid,” she said.