Kathmandu, April 1

The severe thunderstorm that swept through Pheta claimed around three dozen people and changed the life of surviving victims for ever.

Until the tragedy struck, life was normal for Gita Devi Patel, 35 who hails from Bara district. As usual she was busy preparing meal for her five-member family. She was somewhat apprehensive about the heavy wind accompanied by hailstorm, but thought it would pass away in a while.

Suddenly, the strong storm hit her small hut which then started collapsing.

“I ran out of my house carrying my three-year-old son. The house fell on us and then I woke up to a different place,” said the grief-stricken Patel from her bed at Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital here.

She said she did not know the whereabouts of her other family members except for her husband and son. They are receiving treatment at the same hospital. “I am dying to see my two daughters,” said a tearful Patel.

Patel, along with her husband Suresh Patel and the three-year-old son, Aman Patel was airlifted by the Nepali Army.

According to doctors, Patel has sustained pelvis fracture and abdominal injuries. Likewise, her husband has cut injuries on his right ear while the son has suffered injuries on the right elbow and laceration of forehead tissues.

Interestingly, as revealed by her brother Sona Lal Patel, the three-year-old toddler had in fact saved his mother’s life. “She was unconscious. She lay buried under the debris of the collapsed house. However, her child started removing the debris and the villagers spotted her and finally rescue her,” he said.

Meanwhile, Minister of Education, Science and Technology Giriraj Mani Pokhrel, during his visit to TUTH, informed that the government would provide medical support to all storm victims.