TRC used as tool to exact revenge: Dahal

Kathmandu, September 15

Co-chair of the ruling Nepal Communist Party (NCP) Pushpa Kamal Dahal said some domestic and international forces attempted to derail the peace process and used the Truth and Reconciliation Commission as a tool to achieve their goal.

Speaking at an interaction today, Dahal said though political parties had reached an understanding regarding the appointment of the chair of the TRC, complications still persisted.

“The PM has assured that he will okay any names I recommend as chair of the TRC, but if we don’t stand united things will be difficult,” he added.

“All those involved in the Maoist movement should come together to finish the job,” he said. Both national and international elements had made transitional justice a profitable business, alleged Dahal.

“This issue is related to our political movement, so we all need to come together to strengthen relationship with people to take peace process to a logical conclusion,” NCP Co-chair Dahal said.