UCPN-M, CPN-RM to unify soon: Gurung

Kathmandu, January 11

Chairman of CPN-Revolutionary Maoist Mohan Baidhya today said all the communist parties of the country should unite to safeguard national sovereignty.


Addressing a function organised by Bhakta Bahadur Memorial Foundation to commemorate late leader Bhakta Bahadur Shrestha’s fourth memorial, Baidhya said unity among communist forces of the country was essential for institutionalising the republican set up, besides safeguarding the Nation from foreign interference.

On the other hand, addressing cadres at Parbat district today party Secretary Dev Gurung also said his party was about to unite with the Pushpa Kamal Dahal-led Unified CPN-Maoist to save the country because Nepal is currently in existential crisis.

Admitting that they were forced to split because of the arrogant nature of the leadership, which prided itself in being the largest party,

Gurung claimed that there was no alternative of unity now and therefore talks were going on and soon the two parties would be united.

Gurung further said the nation would not have to face the problems it has been facing today if the UCPN-M had not split and since Dahal has realised and he is serious about the imminent danger, his party has become ready for unity.