Madhesi Front submits more names for martyrdom

KATHMANDU: The United Democratic Madhesi Front (UDMF) on Sunday submitted to the government a name list of persons it wants to declare martyrs claiming they were killed during the anti-Constitution protests since last year.

On behalf of the Front, Sadbhawana Party General Secretary Manish Kumar Suman met Acting Prime Minister and Minister for Home Affairs Bimalendra Nidhi today and submitted the list of 16 persons seeking martyrdom status for them.

Earlier, the government had declared 52 persons including 11 security personnel killed in the protests martyrs.

Meanwhile, Suman also submitted a list of seriously injured people, who may need lifelong support from the government for their living.

He informed that he also provided the Home Minister with details of expenses made for treatment of the injured.

In response, Nidhi said the next Cabinet meeting would make decisions about demands of the Front.

The principal ruling coalition members - Nepali Congress and CPN Maoist Centres - before forming the incumbent government in August had promised the Front, which was protesting the Constitution promulgated last year, that its demands including the martyrdom status for those deceased in the protests and free treatment to the injured among others would be fulfilled.