Kathmandu, February 1:

Two more Newar schools will be established in the valley soon, taking the number of schools imparting education in Newari in the capital to four.

A project Newa Schools in Newa Settlements (NSNS) is going to fund establishment and operation of a Newar school at Thecho in Lalitpur, while one Rajendra Maharjan will fund the establishment of another school at Khushibu in Kathmandu.

Coordinator of the NSNS and principal of the Modern Newa English School, Dipak Tuladhar, has already collected some Rs 200,000 for the project. “Many people have shown interest in the project and are willing to donate for the promotion of mother language education,” Tuladhar said.

“The project will provide necessary financial and technical support to the school while the local community would manage and run the school,” he said, adding that the Thecho locals are excited to run a school for the first time in which their children would receive basic education in their mother language.

Tuladhar said the medium of instruction in the schools would not only be limited to Newari but English and Nepali might also be used, making the schools desirable for other communities as well.

He also stressed that educating children in their mother language would help them learn better and effectively besides promoting the language.

He said the concept of the project could also be replicated for other languages in the country.