What’s broken

Kathmandu, July 15:

With the public barred from using footpath around the International Convention Centre in New Baneshwor, pedestrians are compelled to walk on the main road.

Dakshekee Sherpa, a pedestrian, complained, “The authorities concerned should have thought of some alternative for pedestrians, as walking on the road amid heavy traffic is risky.”

Police personnel say the public is being kept away from the footpath due to security reasons, the Constituent Assembly Hall is located in the ICC.

However, Sarju Neupane, a student, thinks that the lives of pedestrians is equally important. “There security should also be of paramount importance. If they walk on the road they run the risk of being run down by speeding vehicles. There must be some alternative.”

A taxi driver said, “The road near the ICC is crowded with pedestrians. We have to drive carefully, as we cannot ask the people to walk on footpath.”