Women want PR in FNJ

Kathmandu, November 1:

A two-day national convention of women journalists kicked off here today.

Media persons participating in the convention organised by the Federation of Nepalese Journalists (FNJ) called for the implementation of national and international resolutions made during the conventions held earlier.

They also called for proportional representation of women journalists in the FNJ. They said this will be an example for media houses, organisations working for the rights of media persons and other organisations.

Speaking at the meet, Durga Karki, coordinator of the national convention and a central member of FNJ, said, “The convention aims at enabling wo-men journalists to protect their professional rights and make them aware of media laws.”

Babita Basnet, president of the Sancharika Samuha, said, “The women need training to enhance their capabilities and make the best of opportunities available to them.”

Manju Thapa, an expert on journalism, said a number of women in the field of journalism support the women revolution. “The nation should formulate plans and policies to meet demands of women and, most importantly, women journalists should take initiatives to secure their representation in decision-making level.”

Bishnu Nisthuri, president of the FNJ, said, “Security of journalists is our major concern at a time when impunity is prevailing in the nation.”

Altogether 150 women journalists from different parts of the country are participating in the meet. According to the FNJ, 5,897 journalists, including 540 women journalists, are members of the FNJ.