Artists congregate at art fair

Using mixed media Rabindra K Shrestha has created ‘The God of Teeth’. In this work you can see the installation work — 10 paisa and five paisa coins are nailed on a wooden board. Here, the artist has tried to depict the age-old Nepali tradition of nailing coins on to the wooden surface at Bange Mudha, Wanshya Dyo (Teeth God) with a belief that doing so will help people recover from toothache — which he finds, is the amalgamation of art and culture.

Talking about the art fair, Bijaya Maharjan, Coordinator of the fair expressed, “Park Gallery has been organising this fair since 2007 and its aim is to encourage artists as well as give a chance to exhibit their work. The fair is a place where senior and new artists’ works are showcased on the same platform and one can get the idea of art scene.”

The exhibition continues till December 6.