Author Nayan Raj Pandey's first non-fictional work 'Yaar' published

KATHMANDU: Entering into the non-fiction genre for the first time, well-renowned fiction-author Nayan Raj Pandey launched his book ‘Yaar’ at a special event organised at Dabali in the premises of Nepal Academy in Kamaladi, on Saturday, January 13, 2018.

The event, which had an audience of more than a hundred people, was hosted by former TV presenter and novelist Shivani Singh Tharu.

When asked about his motivation behind pursuing a career in writing after discarding his career in law, the author said, “The objectivity of law as a profession had limited expressive grounds. I wanted to seek a platform where I could freely express myself using characters that could act as voices of change.”

He has bravely addressed controversial social issues like infidelity and fragility of friendship in ‘Yaar’. “While reading the book, I was amazed at how he mustered up courage to write up all these stuff. He actually is a fearless and honest writer,” said Shivani Singh Tharu.

Addressing the host and audience, author Nayan Raj Pandey said, “With the release of my previous novels, there was a fear of being rejected because I was scared whether the readers would appreciate my imaginary characters or not. But this book is my autobiography, my experiences of friendship, my journey of life that leaves no place for my imaginary characters to fill in."

"Since this is a replica of my personal life, which at some point relates to every other person in our society, I am less scared and anxious than before,” said Pandey.

The book with a total of 240 pages depicts Pandey’s journey of life shared with his friends. First fifty pages include his youth memories with his friends in Nepalgunj, which is followed by memories of his days in the media and literature.

Pandey has received an award for Best Drama Writing in 1988 by Nepal Pragya Pratisthan and has received Diamond Shamsher Memorial Literary Award in 2011. Author Pandey dedicated his book 'Yaar' to his wife and his childhood friends of Nepalgunj.

Author Pandey is renowned for his fictional books, mainly his best selling fictions -- 'Ullar' and 'Loo'.

In a nutshell, the book is a work of honesty, reflections of the author’s weaknesses and setbacks, and most importantly-- a delightful collection of short memoirs.