Katuwal remembered on 80th birth anniv

KATHMANDU: Popular for his simple but meaningful poems like Yo Jindagi Khai Ke Jindagi, Rahar and songs like Daali Daalima, Pokhiyera Ghaam ko Jhulka and Malai Nasodha Kaha Dukchha Ghaau among others, Hari Bhakta Katuwal is not an unknown name amongst Nepali poetry lovers. However, the public are not that familiar with his contribution.

Thus, with an aim to mark his 80th birth anniversary and highlight his contributions to Nepali literature, an event was organised at at Sarwanam Theatre, Kalikasthan on July 3. The poet was remembered by the audience present at the event. And recitation of his poetry was a part of the programme.


Pathshala janna ma

Itihaas padayienchha tyaha mareka dinharuko

When poet Prollas Sindhuliya recited these lines from Katuwal’s poem Rahar, the audience started clapping. Why wouldn’t they? After all, these verses was a satire upon our poor education system.

And the applause got louder when another poet Sojho Gaaule recited another poem of Katuwal’s —

Mann ta phalamkai bhaye asal hunchha

Na ghaat pratighaat

ma runchha

Na sayapatri ra babari le mann chhunchha

Mann ta phalamkai bhaye asal hunchha

Similar heart touching poems of Katuwal were recited by poets Rawat, Sandhya Pahari, Sakuntala Joshi, Usha Sherchan, Momila, Saurav Karki among others. And Katuwal’s poetry recited at the venue ranged from themes like frustration at life to references from Mahabharat, love and affection towards mother, human desires et cetera.

Along with poetry recitation, a 45-minute-long documentary Ani Hari Bhakta Farkiyenan was also screened. Directed by Puru Lamsal, the documentary narrates the life of Katuwal. It features the ups and downs of his life. From his birth in Assam and then migration to Kathmandu because of flooding in Assam, the documentary focuses on the problems the poet faced during his lifetime in Kathmandu. It also brings to light how his red diary was lost.

“When I read Katuwal’s poem I was touched and then I started searching about him. When I got to know that he had already died, I searched about his family members. Knowing about him and his life’s struggles I was motivated to make this documentary,” shared Lamsal.

Katuwal’s some famous works include — Yo jindagi khai k jindagi, Badnaam mera ye aankhaharu (collection of poem and songs), Spastikaran (story collection), Hari Bhaktaka Rachanaharu (poetry, songs and muktak collection). Apart from that, 36 of his songs have also been recorded.