Muna Chaudhary's 'Dulari' launched, discussed

KATHMANDU: Author Muna Chaudhary recently launched her novel 'Dulari'.

In the book launch interaction held with veteran writers, sociologists and mediapersons, in Kathmandu, on Saturday, litterateur and writer Nayanraj Pandey said the novel 'Dulari' elaborated troubles and difficulties faced by Dalit communities especially Musahar.

He said novelist Muna Chaudhary has step-by-step presented the economic exploitation imposed by society on people from marginalised communities and added that the author also cleverly uses Tharu terms and has described them in Nepali to make readers understand. Pandey, however, pointed out that readers would have to keep patience as the main plot unfolds very slowly as the story develops.

Likewise, sociologist Priyanka Kapar said the novel was equally suitable for people from different walks of life as it has touched on the reality of the present state of affairs in Tarai. She said the novel compelled her to recollect how Tharu people practised the 'untouchability' with various Dalit communities. She said she was impressed with the author's way of addressing how women lose their names after getting married in Tarai. However, she pointed out that the novel lacks a historical background of the Musahar community.

Similarly, publishing team member Anbika Giri thanked author Chaudhary for her effort to write a novel on the isolated story. She said the story matches reality as it includes the conditions of people reeling under poverty in Tarai.

Novelist Muna Chaudhary said she found her aspiration to write the novel from her day-to-day experiences and her encouraging husband. She said the novel presents the story of a woman born in a Dalit community and the difficulties and challenges she faces due to limitation set against a marginalised community. The story is narrated from a woman's perspective.

Muna Chaudhary, who is also treasurer member of 'Tharu Sahitya Kendra', has worked on two short stories — 'Machan' and 'Chat'.