Nayan Raj Pandey's 'Yaar' garners positive feedback from readers

KATHMANDU: It has been more than a week since a new novel, Yaar — an autobiographical by renowned author Nayan Raj Pandey — has come out in the market. The novelist who has already published well received novels such as Loo, Ghamkiri, and Ullar among others has attempted to write his new book in the autobiographical genre for the first time.

The novel — dedicated to his wife and friends — talks about his childhood in Nepalgunj and his arrival in Kathmandu, the new beginning of his life, new friends, struggle in the media, screenwriting for movies, and literature among others.

Talking to THT Online, Pandey expressed his excitement over the positive feedback he has been receiving through his various social media accounts and emails. He further expressed that with his novel being well received by the readers, it has in some way proved that if a book has been written well, the genre of the book doesn't matter; readers will like it nevertheless.

झम्पाट अप्रेशनबाट तङ्ग्रिने क्रममा पिँडीमा मग्न मुद्रामा माघे घाम ताप्दै डा.देवेन्द्रराज पाण्डेकाे नवीन गुरूगम्भीर ग्रन्थ र नयनराज पाण्डेकाे रूचिकर संस्मरण अालाेपालाे पढ्दै छु। छाँटले यी दुई पाण्डे ब्राेले पारा ल्याउलान् जस्ताे पाे छ लाै। बियाँलाे नगरी पढिहेरूँ है प्रिय साेल्टी!

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The novelist, who is happily married to Sanu Pandey, is the recipient of various literary awards for his contribution to the Nepali Literature, such as Best Drama Writing Prize 1988 by Nepal Pragya Pratisthan, Lokendra Literary Award 2001, and The Diamond Shamsher Memorial Literary Award 2011 among others.

Yaar is not cent per cent an autobiography per say. It rather takes certain incidents from his real life and moulds them into the elements of a novel, which he assumes to be one of the causes for the book to be accepted on the same note as his earlier works, proving his initial fear of it being rejected baseless.

"It is my guide to the journey of life, youth and friendship," Pandey claims this to be one of the reasons behind the book turning out to be popular among the youth. I have put in a lot of effort in this novel. It is a reflection of my own life; readers can recognise it as a mirror of my life in particular, and the representation of Nepali youth in general, he further said.

आजकाे बिदा पनि सकियाे यार । तर #यार सँगै । @NayanRajPandey काे #यार

नयाँ कुरा केही छैनन् । सबै मेरा (सायद हामी सबैका?) जीवनका माेडहरुमा #यार हरुसंग घटेका प्रिय अप्रिय घटना - दुर्घटनाहरुकाे संग्रह गरेचन् लेखकले ।

मज्जा आयाे भन्नुस् ।?

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The novel published in the hardcopy format is priced at NRs 475 and has become one of the most sought after novels in recent days, said a book shop owner near Padma Kanya Campus in Baghbazar. He further added that people are coming to his shop to buy this novel as a gift to their friends, and that the novel also has an attractive and sturdy look due to its hard cover.

"The sale of the novel is really good," Pandey claimed, "we are only 10-15 days away from bringing out the 2nd edition." While expressing his inability to give the exact number of books sold as of now, he cited that the publishers are yet to provide him with the details of sales. However, he said that this was his creation and any creator would expect the best for his work and he hopes that this novel will exceed the sales and popularity of his previous works including his best selling novel 'Loo'.

Readers in Nepal rarely get to enjoy reading a novel with a hardback cover as printing of such is expensive. Bringing out the content remains a priority while the appearance and feel of holding a book is not given much importance.

However, Pandey decided to get this novel printed in India to lower the cost, and with a little bit of added expenses, he was able to bring out this novel in affordable hardback cover.

"Positive reactions from the readers have given me energy and determination to remain working in the literary sector," says Pandey, adding, "a novelist is also a human and like any other human he/she needs satisfaction, and the readers' feedback has given me that." However, he asks his readers to also comment on his writing - strengths and limitations - and he will try to improve where needed.

Pandey said that his future work is already in the pipeline and will be published within two years. He also shared that this has been the norm with him as his earlier books have been published in gaps of two years and further added, "Yes, the next one will be a fiction," in his attempt to quench the curiosity of the readers.

Pandey's novel Ullar has been included in the curriculum of Nepali Major in the Bachelor's course of Tribhuvan University.