The twisted tales

Two young singers Joshna and Suhanna are currently trending on YouTube with their debut song Din Ra Raat.This number has generated massive hits. TGIF talks to the Hills Twins about their musical journey

How did you come up with the name ‘Hills Twins’?

Joshna: Since most people took us to be twins we thought ‘Hills Twins’ would be an apt stage name for us.

How does it feel to be a You Tube sensation?

Suhanna: It feels wonderful. We feel blessed to have garnered so much support from our viewers.

What is ‘Din Ra Raat’  about?

Joshna: We wrote this song almost four years back and these were thoughts we had jotted down in our diaries.

After this single, what kind of songs would you ideally want to release?

Suhanna: We have already recorded our next song. We are coming up with something special. It’s got beautiful melody and lyrics to touch your soul.

What’s the most important thing you want people to know about your music?

Joshna: We want to spread the message that one should never give up. When life pulls you down we should always strive to get back on our feet. We must believe that life is beautiful although it might not always  seem like it.

Do you make music for yourself or for others?

Suhanna: We make music to express ourselves.

What’s next for the ‘Hills Twins’?

Joshna: We are still in a learning phase  and don’t know where life will take us. But, we do believe that we will make it big in the music industry one day!

What sets you apart from each other?

Suhanna: As singers what sets us apart is that Joshna is good at hitting higher notes and loves playing the guitar .

Joshna: Suhanna has the best lower register and is one of the best piano players I’ve ever known.

Something we don’t know about you two?

Suhanna: Well, not many people know that my favourite song is ‘Thriller’ by Michael Jackson. Also, I am obssessed with stars and all kinds of lights in the night sky.

Joshna:  I love cats! I am heavily influenced by Janis Joplin. I would like people to know that I believe that love is what makes the world go round.


Favourite singers:

Joshna: Demi Lovato,

Suhanna: Adele

What qualities do you look in a partner?

Joshna: My partner should be attractive and reliable. I want a relationship that works on its own; effortless and easy.

Suhanna: I want to be with someone who is mature and sensible. He should love and respect me as much as I would love and respect him. One more thing, he should be the kind who puts others well being before his.

What do you value the most?

Joshna/ Suhanna: Our freedom.

Photos by: QB Maharjan and Binod Maharjan

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