11,000 fowls killed in single day

POKHARA: In a bid to prevent further spread of bird flu, 11,000 birds, including 9,817 chickens, 379 ducks and 43 pigeons, were killed in Pokhara today.

According to the Bird Flu Prevention Desk at the District

Livestock Office, the government will provide compensation for

the killed fowls.

Dr Amar Shah said a rapid response team had destroyed 37 kilograms of chicken, 1,370 eggs and 1,183 kg of poultry feed in the affected area. The official said they were checking whether anybody had hidden their fowls. Clearing cages and spreading pesticides are said to start soon. Dr Shah warned all to stay alert since the dangerous disease had spread over a wider geography. There has, however, been no human casualty so far in the region. The symptoms

of a bird flu infection are

difficulty in respiration, headache, burning sensation in the throat and high fever.

Meanwhile, Western Regional Hospital (WRH) in Pokhara is

prepared to treat patients in

case of a bird flu outbreak

among humans. Dr Ashok Chaurasiya, director, WRH, said the health facility was capable of tackling the dangerous disease.

Butchers in the area said consumers of poultry products had not decreased significantly in number in Gharipatan despite its declaration as an avian-flu affected zone. Per kg price of chicken however fell Rs 100 to 230 a week after the news of the outbreak.

According to entrepreneurs, about 8,000 birds are consumed in Pokhara daily. An estimated Rs 150 million has been invested in poultry farming in Pokhara.