13-party panel meet makes no headway

Kathmandu, May 24:

The 13-party taskforce meeting today discussed the issues related to amendment to the interim constitution and formation of a post-election government, but no conclusion was reached today.

Nepali Congress general secretary Bimalendra Nidhi, who attended the meeting held at parliament secretariat and chaired by NC vice-president Ram Chandra Poudel, said they discussed the primary task of implementing the agenda of republic, power-sharing between Prime Minister and president, amendment to the redundant clauses of the interim constitution,

common minimum programme of the new government, mechanism to develop mutual trust among the parties and implementation of all past agreements.

Nidhi said they could not reach any conclusion as the parties, specially the Maoists and others, had different views on key issues.

Despite having differences of opinion on key issues, the parties have, however, agreed that they would implement the agenda of republic by the first meeting of the CA on May 28.

The taskforce has also agreed that 26 persons to be nominated by council of ministers to the CA should be from unrepresented groups and experts.

Key differences


1. PM should also act as head of state

2. Provision of a two-thirds majority to form and oust government must not be changed

3. Redundant clauses such as SPA names and names of lawmakers of interim parliament can be deleted from interim constitution

4. Necessary amendment can be made in the interim constitution after the agenda of republic is implemented

Other parties

1. There should be a provision of PM and president with a clear division of power between the two after the monarchy is abolished.

2. Provision of a simple majority must be incorporated to form and remove the government.

3. Constitution should be amended to implement the agenda of republic

4. Madhes-based parties want autonomy guaranteed through constitution