149 more Nepali nationals have been evacuated from Taliban-occupied Afghanistan and brought home to Nepal.

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA), 39 persons landed in the capital from Dubai on Sunday while on Monday at least seven Nepalis boarded a Turkish Airlines flight to journey to Nepal.

Moreover, another 104 Nepali national were brought home via Qatar Airlines today.

As of today, 654 Nepalis have been rescued from Afghanishtan since the occupation of the country by the Talibani forces, informed MoFA.

The government further plans on bringing 361 Afghanishtan-dwelling Nepalis to their homeland, soon.

Officials at MoFA are constantly collaborating and coordinating with concerned authorities to pace evacuation efforts.

It has been learnt that the rescued persons are being quarantined at the Samakhusi-based holding center in consultation with the Centre for COVID-19 Control and Management (CCMC).