16 cases of rape registered in Nawalpur in one year: INSEC

NAWALPUR: As many as 16 cases of rape have been registered in Nawalparasi East (Nawalpur) during a period of one year alone.

During the Nepal Human Rights Year Book annual pre-review programme organised by INSEC Nawalparai East, INSEC representative Thirtha Raj Dumre informed that the incidents of rape occurred from January 2018 to November 19, 2018.

Ages of the victims ranged from eight-month to 17 years during the aforementioned period. Among the cases, verdict on two of the cases have been given while remaining 14 cases have yet to be finalised.

Similarly, INSEC representative Dumre said that the cases of human rights violation have been rampant in Nawalpur, informing that majority of them were related to violence against women, including two sexual assault cases and one acid attack case in the area.

According to INSEC, there have been 175 cases of human rights violation in Nawalparasi, with 64 in Nawalparasi East and 111 cases in Nawalparasi West.

Likewise, 24 cases of rape and attempt to rape along with 74 cases of domestic violence have been registered in Nawalparasi West.