25 hurt in FSU poll violence in Chitwan

Chitwan, March 16:

Over 25 students were injured when cadres of student unions clashed at several places in FSU poll related violence.

According to the police, Bijesh Mishra of ANNISU-R and Basanta Dhakal, Dinesh Rana and Dhan Bahadur of NSU were injured in a clash in Rampur Campus. A group of NSU cadres that reached Rampur Campus all the way from Gitanagar had clashed with the ANNISU-R cadres.

College administration said NSU cadres vandalised the building of Arunodaya Campus. After the vandalism, FSU election in the campus has been postponed. ANNISU-R said six cadres were injured when NSU cadres attacked its contact office in front of Birendra Multiple Campus.

The students clashed throughout the day in Bal Kumari College, Maiyadevi College and Saptagandaki College. The injured are being treated in different hospitals.

Meanwhile, election for the FSU in Damak Multiple Campus was postponed today due to the lack of environment conducive for the poll.

A meeting of Campus Management Committee and local political party representatives decided to postpone the election in the backdrop of the padlocking of the campus by the Sanghiya Students Union (SSU). The Limbuwan students have been demanding an proportional system of election for the FSU. After the postponement of the polls, the SSU has also called off the strike, according to Lok Sagar Samba, secretary, SSU.

However, a group of students affiliated with ANNISU-R, who were against the postponement, locked 10 persons, including the chairperson of the Campus Management Committee, in the campus for an hour today. Local representatives of the political parties have been holding talks for the last four days to resolve the dispute by forming an inclusive FSU. However, no agreement has been reached on the issue so far.