3 pc vote, 1 seat mooted as threshold for national party

KATHMANDU: A sub-committee of the State Affairs Committee of the Parliament has suggested that only the parties securing at least three per cent votes under the Proportional Representation category and at least one seat in the First Past The Post category would get the "national party" status.

A meeting of the sub-committee on Wednesday decided to forward the recommendation to the SAC. Subsequently, the SAC also okayed the report and decided to send it for the discussion to the full House.

The Bill on Political Parties was stuck in the sub-committee more than two months owing to the parties' differences over the issue of the threshold.

While the big parties were in favour of the threshold of at least three to five per cent votes, the fringe parties were opposing the proposal.

It has been learnt that representatives of some small parties including Aindra Sundar Nembang of CPN-ML, Prem Suwal of Nepal Workers and Peasants Party and Lok Mani Dhakal of Janajagaran Party and Shiva Lal Thapa of Rastriya Janamukti Party objected to the panel's Wednesday decision as well.