A 30-year-old woman of Muktikot village in Swamikartik Khapar Rural Municipality-1 of Bajura district, who was married of at the age of 13, has given birth to 12 children till date.

Janshara Bishwokarma shared that eight among 12 of her children that she had given birth to are still alive while four others have passed away.

The 30-year-old has been pregnant for a total of 11 times at an interval of one year during each conception, wherein she had delivered twins during her last pregnancy.

Janshara and her spouse both did not have access to education and are unaware of contraception and family planning methods. The mother of five girls and three boys is struck with worry as she is unable to afford the expenses of children leaving them not fully taken-care-of and malnourished.

Social problems including early marriage and subsequent tendency of more births at greater risk of child mortality, lack of knowledge on contraception and family planning, malnutrition and illiteracy are still deeply prevalent in the remote villages of Nepal.