As many as 800,000 doses of anti Covid-19 vaccine - Vero Cell- has arrived in the country on Wednesday evening.

According to the spokesperson at the Ministry of Health and Population Dr Krishna Prasad Poudel, the vaccines were ferried from China via a wide body aircraft of Nepal Airlines.

Of total 1.6 million doses of vaccines recently purchased by Nepal, 800,000 were brought in this lot while remaining 800,000 doses will reach here this evening.

According to Spokesperson, 600,000 doses of AstraZeneca granted by Japan will also arrive here till coming Saturday. The Ministry has notified that the anti COVID-19 vaccines would be administered to the people following priority to the targeted age groups.

So far, Nepal has received 11.6 million doses of vaccines from different countries. Meanwhile, the government has set a goal of ensuring anti COVID-19 vaccines to targeted 33 percent people by the end of September and to targeted all by April 2022.

According to Ministry record, 4,795,902 individuals have received first dose of the vaccine while 3649,760 have received complete dose.