BIRGUNJ: An absconding drug convict Prabhu Patel, who is the ward chair of Bahudarmai Municipality-7 in Parsa district, has been arrested from Birgunj, on Monday, police said.

Earlier, the Makawanpur District Court had sentenced Patel to five years in prison on charge of marijuana smuggling; ever since, he has been on the run, according to police.

After the Makawanpur District Police Office issued a circular against absconding convict Patel, Parsa District Police Office apprehended him while he was attending an orientation programme on preparing subjective profile of local government organised by British Government at Hotel Kumu Palace in Birgunj today.

Superintendent of Police (SP) Ganesh Regmi at Parsa District Police Office said, "Patel has been sent to Makawanpur District Police Office for further investigation and action today itself."

Earlier, Patel was elected to ward chair of Bahadurmai Municipality-7 from Nepali Congress during the second phase of local level elections.