Address Dr Govinda KC's demand: Gachhadar urges govt

BIRATNAGAR: Nepali Congress Parliamentary Party deputy leader, Bijay Kumar Gachhadar, has remarked that life of Dr Govinda KC should be saved by addressing his demands.

Talking to the media at Biratnagar, today, leader Gachhadar urged the government to bring bill in the parliament as per the ordinance to implement the past agreement signed with Dr KC.

He further said that the NC protested in the parliament after the government tried to forward the bill violating the agreement signed with Dr KC.

The NC leader also warned of launching a stern protest in the parliament if the bill was not brought as per the ordinance.

Dr KC has been staging fast-onto-death in Jumla demanding reforms in medical education and health sectors.

Likewise, Gachhadar expressed the belief that a pact inked between the NC and the then Nepal Democratic Forum would be implemented, adding that he raised the voice in the party for implementation of the agreement signed with NC.