Attention from all for implementation of new constitution: CJ Shrestha

TAPLEJUNG: Chief Justice Kalyan Shrestha on Tuesday stated that all sides should pay attention with determination in the implementation of the new Constitution.

CJ Kalyan Shrestha said that all complexities of the new Constitution should be resolved within its ambit after its implementation as it has incorporated rights of all sides.

Inaugurating the newly constructed building of the Taplejung District Court, he said it was necessary to pay concern on how one can help in the implementation of the new constitution rather fighting over their dissatisfaction as the new constitution itself is a means to ensure justice and rights.

He also proclaimed that the country and the people have a bright future reflected in the new constitution.

On a different note, he expressed commitment that he would carry out works in a way that all Nepali people have the access to justice.

The new building of the District Court was constructed in 2070 BS at a cost of around Rs 45 million.