Anti-rabies vaccine fails to save seven-year-old’s life

TANAHU: Seven-year-old Pradip, son of Badri Neupane of Malpot Line in Byas-10, died from rabies last Sunday, despite getting anti-rabies vaccine.

Pradip breathed his last while he was being rushed to Kathmandu from Gandaki Zonal Hospital, Pokhara, where he was referred by District Hospital, Damauli. The district hospital has confirmed that Pradip died from rabies.

Pradip had been bitten by a mad dog six months ago.

"My son died as he was administered only a single dose of anti-rabies vaccine by the health personnel at the district hospital. Had the doctors administered necessary dose of anti-rabies vaccine on my son, he would not have died," Pradip's father Badri said.

Doctors at the district hospital had referred Pradip to Gandaki Zonal Hospital in Pokhara, when his health condition deteriorated. The zonal hospital then referred Pradip to Kathmandu.

"I suggested Badri to take Pradip to a better hospital after the child's condition started worsening," Dr Santosh Paudel at the Damauli Hospital said.

Meanwhile, the relatives of the deceased child have accused the health workers of not being serious in the child's treatment.

"Pradip was administered only a single dose of anti-rabies vaccine as per the doctor's prescription," they claimed.

Following Pradip's death, as many as eight children, all of whom were Pradip's friend, have been administered anti-rabies vaccine.