Assault cases on the rise in Lamjung

LAMJUNG: The District Police Office, Lamjung said that the highest number of complaints it received in the last fiscal year was of assault.

Police Inspector Rajendra Adhikari of DPO informed that altogether 1787 complaints were recorded at the DPO in the last fiscal year.

The DPO said that it has received 1200 complaints of assault, while the Area Police Offices, Bhotewodar, Bhorletar, Bichaur and Sundarbazaar have got 168, 78, 66, and 51 applications respectively and the Police Office of Gilungama, Durdada, Dhamilikuwa, Kunchama, Tinpiple have  recorded 20, 34, 55, 34 and 81 complaints respectively regarding assault.

Among the applications 28 percent are of physical attack, 19 percent are of family dispute, 10 percent are of household violence and 3 percent are of polygamy among others, the DPO informed.

Among the cases the DPO received, police have lodged 117cases for further proceedings.