"I will remember Rashuwa for the rest of my life," said an Australian student, who was impressed by the natural sights of Rashuwa district, especially the range of mountains.

The student, belonging to Kankrook University, who made a visit to the rural and remote areas of the district, returned back to his country taking with him the sad memories of the plights of the poor primary schools and health posts in the district, as well.

A team of 26 Australian students and teachers, who had visited different parts of the district as participants of Himal Venture Trekkers, had provided some financial support to a few schools and health posts of the district with the money they were carrying for their personal uses. They also formed an everlasting relationship between this district and Kanbrook school of Sydney.

The team of Australians, which had dropped in for a three-day visit, donated Rs 75,000 to three schools situated at Dhaibung Village Development Committee (VDC) located in the southern part of country. They also provided a donation of Rs 65,000 to a health post.

Before reaching Dhaibung, the Australians had not thought about donating money to any organisation or institution, but seeing the pitiable conditions of the schools and health posts situated in the VDC and difficulties faced by the local people, they decided to make small contributions.

Besides, the students living in poor conditions, a school building that needed renovating and the general improper conditions of village also made them take this decision. Head of District Public Health Office, Rashuwa Dr Kedarnarsingh KC, who received the donation of Rs 65,000 for the management of primary health posts pointed out to coordinator of HVT Balram Neupane that the team had provided Rs 35,000 to Jiwjibe Primary School, Rs 25,000 to Jyanglyang Primary School and Rs 15,000 to a local community development group. Similarly, they had provided Rs 65,000 to Jibjibe primary health post. The five hundred students studying at the schools were also provided uniforms free of cost.

The team of Australian students and teachers not only formed a bilateral relationship with the students of the remote area of the district, but also HVT decided to provide scholarships to 15 students of the place, says KC. Local students of the schools saw them off with garlands of flowers woven with their gratitudes.