Bajura local levels reel under manpower crunch

BAJURA: All of the nine local levels in Bajura district have witnessed lack of human resources which has resulted into service delivery hassles and mounting backlog of works.

Moreover, service seekers from the remote regions are bound to travel to district headquarters to avail services that are offered by nearby rural municipalities and municipalities.

Despite implementation of federal setup and organisational structure, hassles related to service delivery still persist as they did before, according to Gobindra Bahadur Malla, chair of Himali Rural Municipality.

Although government slogans promised to decentralise rights of Singha Durbar, country’s administrative headquarters, and confer them to all villages, locals levels in Bajura are not able to provide efficient services due to lack of employees, Bajura ward chairs said.

“Lack of human resources has hindered us from fulfilling people’s demand,” Ward 7 Chair Dharma Raj Padhyay said. “Moreover, the Employee Management Committee has turned a blind eye to the issue.”

On the contrary, Bajura Chief District Officer, Chet Raj Baral said that the committee has forwarded its report citing lack of employees to the Ministry of Federal Affairs and General Administration.

However, at present, ward chairs have undertaken additional responsibilities as they carry out administrative tasks usually overseen by office secretaries as well as duties of ward chairs.

Considering slogans shouted by leaders and local representatives during elections, the service delivery has not been as efficient as promised, locals said.

Bajura district has five rural municipalities and four municipalities with 69 wards where 129 administrative employees are needed.