The health of a local woman who is currently getting treated at Kolti Primary Health Centre, is in a severe condition following excessive uterine bleeding.

Sharda Kadara (26) of Samalgaun in Budhinanda Municipality-7 had arrived at the Health Centre three days ago for delivering her baby, the attempts at doing which failed, leading to her condition.

Unfortunately, the fetus died in her womb, informed health workers at the centre.

"The baby has already died in the womb and the mother is bleeding heavily at the moment," informed Chandra Dani, Auxiliary Nurse Midwives (ANM) at the centre. "Her situation has gone from bad to worse since the cervix has not dilated," Dani continued.

Sharda has given birth to two children prior to this.

The patient has now been asked to go to other health facilities with better resources since the delivery cannot be performed at the centre in Kolti.

Sharda, on the other hand, has been silently suffering, waiting outside of the health centre while her husband -- Chandu Kadara, is going around looking for financial support to take her to some other facility.

The baby needs to be operated on and removed from the uterus since it no longer lives, according to ANM Chanda Dani.

To undergo a C-Section, many women must travel to the district headquarters in Martadi, or Nepalgunj.

In another sad instance, 21-year-old Ganga Chadara of Tithichaur in Himalai Rural Municipality-4 died of a haemorrhage immediately after giving birth just a week ago.

Despite the fact that a budget is set aside each year for emergency obstetric care at the centre, many women, like Sharda, are forced to risk their lives owing to the unavailability of required service