The Himali Rural Municipality in Bajura district is reeling from acute food shortage after contractors failed to supply food grains at the RM's temporary food depot.

According to Dhanlal Rokaya, chair of Ward no 3, although it has been a year that a contract to supply food grains at the temporary Depot was penned with the contractors, failure to do so has resulted in significant dearth of food grains in the village, more so since the past month.

The staple paddy grains for distribution have not been made available at the Depot, following which the locals who wish to obtain the food item are compelled to return empty-hand.

The District Administration Authority stated that a contract to supply 3000 quintals of rice grains was given to three contractors, however, disproportionate to the contract only 1500 quintals have been supplied so far.

One of the contractors claimed that, earlier due to less demand less supply of the food grain was ensured. However, currently the road has been blocked due to mudslides due to which supplies could not be made.