Kathmandu, July 17

The government has retained the prohibition on the import of 10 various goods. Before this, the ban had been imposed until the end of Asar (July 16). It has been extended till August 30.

The Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Supplies, publishing a notice in the Nepal Gazettee today, stated that the prohibition continues on the import of products like Kurkure, Kurmure, Lays etc, all types of alcoholic drinks (except the industrial raw materials), cigarette and tobacco products (excepting industrial raw materials), diamond (except industrial raw materials), smart phones costing more than 300 US Dollars, colour television, jeep, car and van, motorcycle, all kinds of dolls and playing cards.

Prior to this, the Ministry had on April 26 through a similar notice in Nepal Gazette imposed a ban on the import of these goods until July 16.