Ban on river mining in Udayapur affects development projects

Gaighat, July 3

The lack of construction materials has affected development projects and upgradation of roads in Triyuga Municipality, Udayapur. A ban was placed on the extraction of river products from local rivers.

Work-related to black-topping of roads and construction of drainage system along roads in the municipality was affected after the ban on mining and sale of river products.

The ban will be in effect for three months until mid-September, as per the government policy.

“Road construction works had started in March-April and work related to drainage systems has reached the final stages. But the scarcity of the construction materials in the area has halted all work,” said the Gaighat-Diktel road project Chief Hari Prasad Pokharel.

Pokharel further called for ending the ban on extraction of river materials, adding that such a policy would affect development work. “The ban of three months will delay projects and increase project cost,” he said.

Triyuga Municipality engineer Nirmal Chaudhary said, “The months-long ban has affected not just a particular road project but many other development projects in the district.”

He called on the government to lift the ban to ensure the smooth progress of development projects.