Banned booze being sold openly in Sankhuwasabha

Sankhuwasabha, January 30:

Though the government has banned the sale and distribution of Khukuri rum and Virgin whisky, they are being freely sold in the markets in Sankhuwasabha.

The officials concerned have not been doing anything to control the sale of the prohibited liquor in every wine shop and hotel in Khandbari, the district headquarters of Sankhuwasabha.

The import of the banned liquor from Baireni and Tutedeurali checkpoints is going on unhindered. Stakeholders concerned criticised the government for failing to control the sale of the liquor it banned. DSP Surya Prasad Upadhyaya said police had not restricted the sale of the liquor as the government had not given any direction to the police. The banned liquor are being freely sold in Khandbari, Tumlingtar, Barhabise, Chainpur, Mude and Num areas of the district.

Saying that preparations are underway to impose a ban on the sale of the restricted liquor, CDO Tulasi Prasad Gautam said, “The sale and distribution will be stopped soon and we will raid shops and hotels if they don’t obey the order.”