Nepal | August 25, 2019

Bara’s local women reap benefits from carpet weaving

Puspa Raj Khatiwada

BARA: The local women of Jaitapur, a Tamang settlement in Jitpur Simara Sub-Metropolitan City-17 of Bara district, have started involving themselves in carpet weaving which has become a medium for them to be financially independent.

The weaving industry has been benefitting the women who are earning between Rs 8,000 to Rs 20,000 monthly.

With the installation of weaving looms in their own houses, the women of the settlement — who are otherwise busy in their personal affairs all day long — take out some time to weave the carpets, which helps them pay for their daily expenses.

A local woman weaves to make a carpet, in Jaitapur, Jitpur Simara Sub-Metropolitan City-17, in Bara district. Photo: Pushpa Raj Khatiwada/THT

Sainli Gole, a local who is involved in the business shared that extra income from the weaving has helped her sustain a livelihood, send her children to school, and also manage some saving.

Amar Lama, a local, has been carrying out necessary management to help the women in their weaving tasks. To boost the involvement of women in the business, free materials worth around Rs 14,000 have been provided to them. Lama further stated that he has himself been reaping benefits by selling the carpets in the capital.

It usually takes around 15 to 25 days to make a carpet with patterns, from which a local woman can earn upto Rs 20,000. “Simple carpets can be made easily, however, the money we make from it is less,” shared Thing Tamang.

Women lead the households in the settlement of Jaitapur, where like in other places of the country, most men are absent having left for foreign employment.

Sancharam Thing, a local social leader is of the opinion that the government should introduce more training programmes and subsidised loans for the local women to encourage them to start such small scale industries.

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