Bhattarai pledges drive against graft, black-marketing, gender violence

Pokhara, March 3

Coordinator of the New Force Campaign Nepal Baburam Bhattarai has pledged to launch a concerted campaign against the malpractice of corruption, black-marketing and violence against women.

Speaking at a programme here today, Bhattarai rued the rampant corruption, black marketing and violence against women and said the new campaign would focus on stamping out these ills.

“We’ll report such malpractices to the concerned authorities and create pressure on the them to take action,” said the former Maoist leader, clarifying the campaign wouldn’t take after the much popular bhate karbahi practiced by the Maoist party during the insurgency.

Further, dwelling on the plight of commoners who are at the receiving end of the lack of good governance, Bhattarai smelled irregularities in foreign donation for earthquake victims.

“In fact, there have been irregularities in the fund that the foreigners have granted to us for support to the quake victims,” the former prime minister said, adding, the campaign will deploy its cadres to solve the problems of quake victims soon.

Stating that his party would be transparent about donation, Bhattarai said the campaign will get the form of a party once the number of its cadres reaches one lakh.