Biratnagar celebrates its status of provincial capital

Biratnagar, January 18

The residents of Biratnagar today took out celebratory rallies after the government declared the city as the temporary capital of Province 1 yesterday.

City folks cheered the declaration and welcomed the government’s move by lighting oil lamps at various thoroughfares yesterday and today.

Bitarnagar metropolis Mayor Bhim Parajuli said the government had done justice to the city, which was well-equipped with necessary infrastructure and other resources. “With the announcement, the implementation part of federalism has eased. Now, this historical city will undergo a change,” claimed Parajuli.

Candidates who contested the provincial and parliamentary polls with the agenda of getting the status of provincial capital for the city also welcomed the decision. “This is a great feat for all of us. The declaration has ensured justice to the people of this province,” said parliamentarian Aman Lal Modi.