Bird flu has been found in the Layers' breed of chickens reared by farmers of Bheri Municipality, in Jajarkot district.

Senior Livestock Development Officer at the Livestock Service Department, Chandra Dhakal said bird flu infection was confirmed through PCR tests of samples collected from chickens. The PCR test was done at the Central Animal Disease Investigation Laboratory.

With this, bird flu has been found in the country five times in the last one month. The disease was spotted twice at wards 1 and 7 of Tarakeshwor Municipality, Kathmandu, and once in Birendranagar Municipality of Surkhet before this.

Dhakal said human resources have been mobilised from the centre, province and local level to prevent the disease from spreading to other places from that area. He also said that a team of veterinarians from the Animal Disease Investigation Laboratory, Surkhet, has been dispatched to Jajarkot to facilitate in containing the disease.

Domesticated fowls as well as materials such s feed and egg crates, likely to transmit the disease, have been destroyed in the area where the disease has been found. The area has also been disinfected.

According to Dhakal, 300 broiler chickens, 331 Layer chickens and 70 local breed fowls have been culled, while 883 eggs, 251 kilogrammes of feed and 200 egg crates have been destroyed in the area.

Bird flu was first seen in Nepal in 2009.

A version of this article appears in the print on March 11, 2021, of The Himalayan Times.