Border pillars in Morang in ruins

Biratnagar, June 10:

Most of the pillars (known as junge khambas) lining the Indo-Nepal border area in Morang district have been damaged, the Morang Border Security Office (BSO) said.

“Out of the 50 border pillars erected in the district, most have been relocated,” says Morang Border Security chief of the Armed Police Force, Durga Prasad Bhattarai. According to him, “People have been building huts on the border. Problems will crop up if damaged and lost pillars are not repaired and replaced soon.”

“Some pillars erected in ward numbers 8 and 9 of Rangeli VDC have been damaged. While some pillars have been swept away, others have either been lost or damaged,” according to sources at the BSO.

“Of the two pillars at Mahadeva VDC, one was swept away by the Ratuwa river some years ago,” the BSO sources said, adding that most of the pillars need repairing.

“Two pillars in Dainiya VDC, three in Aamgachhi VDC and 15 in Budhanagar VDC are in good condition.” Morang SP Gopal Bhandari said: “The original locations of the pillars were discovered after an investigation. Damaged pillars should be repaired.”