Brick kilns invading villages in Dhading

Dhading, April 23

Brick kilns have taken over many villages at Dhunibeshi of Dhading, encroaching upon arable land and billowing clouds of smoke in the air.

Over 50 brick kilns have been set up in a span of two years in Jeevanpur, Chhatredeurali, Thakre, Naubishe, and Goganpani VDCs, occupying thousands of ropani fertile land.

Radhika Luitel of Jeevanpur said that smoke from the brick kilns had polluted the environment, greatly reducing harvest in the villages. Like many farmers, she said her family was forced into renting their land to the brick industry after the land’s fertility eroded.

Farmers used to make around one lakh rupees a year from the produce grown in one ropani land. Now, the farmers have to be content with earning around 25,000 rupees a year from renting the land.

Luitel said that drastic change had occurred after the 2015 earthquakes, when many people were forced to sell their land to brick kiln proprietors after the disaster caused severe water crunch and the harvest fell.

More than 100 brick kiln industries are operating along the highway in Dhading, and more are reportedly being set up in the region.