Broader leftist alliance urges govt for timely elections

KATHMANDU: The broader leftist alliance has asserted the government to hold timely elections of House of Representatives and State Assembly on November 26 and December 7.

Orgainising a press meet in the Capital on Thursday, leftist alliance leaders asserted on a timely elections for the implementation of the constitution and federalism in the nation.

UML Chairman KP Sharma Oli said the nation is moving forward with democratic values and norms. "There is no point of reversing back, we have already moved forward and will strive ahead," Oli added.

Referring to the question of jurnos about former King Gyanendra Shah's desire to take the leadership role of the nation, oli reiterated by saying that anyone can contest in the elections, its the beauty of democracy.

He also said anyone wishing to take the leadership role should fill their nomination by November 16 and contest in the upcoming polls.

Similarly, CPN-Maoist Centre Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal said holding timely elections is imminent for the implementation of the constitution.

He also said that he was about to sign the document quitting the government, however, decided to remain in the PM Deuba-led government after the government was plotting to postpone the elections.

He also said there would be single ballot papers for provincial and parliamentary first-past-the-post elections.